God calls us to Himself that we may enjoy close fellowship with Him through Christ. God has clear expectation on how we should relate with Christ. It is in the way Christ Himself demonstrated obedience to the father Jn 4:34. Jesus was willing to face death if it is the only way God’s will could be realized.

How we relate with Christ must be with full obedience. We must let go of everything else and let Christ take over the realm of leadership. We don’t negotiate what Christ has explicitly commanded. We obey and believe that He knows how to cover us from the possible shame or loss that might result from the societal trends that are contrary to God’s will. In this way we can then be said to be holding firmly onto Christ.

It is an honor for me to welcome everyone of us to identify with IDC-JKUAT in 2020 to learn how best this can be realized. God is still building the chapter on Heroes of faith. It is a chapter for those who believe in God doing more than the ordinary, all for His glory. May we stand to be counted.


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