1 101 Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah Rudi Lack
2 A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall Catherine Marshall
3 ABC of Personal Evangelism Ron Smith
4 AIDS Biblical Solutions Donald S. Clarke
5 Amy Carmichael: Fragments that Remain Bee Trehane
6 And the Lord took him Peace N. Mugobera
7 And you Visited Me: The Story of Prison Fellowship Scotland Betty McKay & Louise Purvis
8 Answers (99) to questions about Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare B.J. Oropeza
9 Battle of Love Sylvia Sandys
10 Bible Code 2 The Countdown Michael Drosnin
11 Biblical Foundations for Small Group Ministry Gareth Weldon Icenogle
12 Breakthrough Taking the Gospel Across Forbidden Borders Rudi Lack
13 Bringing Heaven into Hell Merlin R. Carothers
14 Bursting the Wineskins Michael Cassidy
15 Choices Changes Joni Eareckson Tada
16 Christ’s Living Body John P. Baker
17 Church Alive! A fresh look at Church Growth Peter Cotterell
18 Church Marches On: Faith in the Wilderness – a Biblical Journey Richard Bewes
19 Clouds of Heaven: Learning to Pray with the Early Christians Michael D. McMullen
20 Culture Shock; Dealing with Stress in Cross-Cultural Living Myron Loss
21 Davinci Code Josh McDowell
22 Diana: Fractured Fairytales J. John
23 Disciplines of the Home Anne Ortlund
24 Does Anyone Care how i Feel? Mildred Tengbom
25 Evangelism – Now and Then Michael Green
26 Faith for the Future Colin Urquhart
27 Family of God: Understanding your Role in the Body of Christ Charles R. Swindoll
28 Footfalls in Memory: Reflection from Solitude Terry Waite
29 Forgiveness and the Cross of Christ J. C. Ryle
30 Friendship John N.N. Ng’ang’a
31 Gender Questions: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in the Contemporary World John Benton
32 God Has Resources Donald Bridge
33 God Holds the Key Geoffrey T. Bull
34 God’s Very Own People Keswick Ministry
35 Good News about Injustice: A Witness of Courage in a hurting World Gary A. Haugen
36 Great Physician Lilian B. Yeomans, M.D.
37 Growing the World’s Largest Church Karen Hurston
38 He is Lord Michael Cole
39 Hidden Sorrow, Lasting Joy: The forgotten Women of the persecuted Church Anneke Companjen
40 Hinds’ Feet on High Places Hannah Hurnard
41 His Healing Touch: A Personal witness to the power of God’s healing Love Michael Buckley D. D.
42 How to give away your faith Paul E. Little
43 In Christ Jesus Colin Urquhart
44 Jesus, Lamb of God: Biblical Meditations David Atkinson
45 John Brown of Haddington Robert Mackenzie
46 Joni Joni Eareckson
47 Knowing God J. I. Packer
48 Leader’s Source of Influence John N. N. Ng’ang’a
49 Leader’s Guide: Design for Discipleship Navpress
50 Leadership: King David’s Style John N.N. Ng’ang’a
51 Lord of the Abandoned Ray Saunders
52 Love Won Another: Every Christian’s Guide to Evangelism Lewis and Molly Misselbrook
53 Man’s Inhumanity to God David M. Matthews
54 Modern Psychotherapies Stanton L. Jones & Richard E. Butman
55 Momentous Event: A Discussion of Scripture teaching on the Second Advent W.J.B Grier
56 More than a Carpenter: The life of Jesus Josh McDowell
57 More Than Equals: Racial Healing for the sake of the Gospel Spencer Perkins & Chris Rice
58 My father is the gardener Colin Urquhart
59 Normal Christian Life; Sit, Walk, Stand; Changed Into His Likeness Watchman Nee
60 On to the Summit: The Len Moules Story Pat Wraight
61 One Plus One Equals One; Bible Discussions for Married Couples Andrew & Phillis J. Le Peau
62 Parent talk: Guide to being a Dad Peter Meadow
63 Parents in pain John White
64 Passion for Purity Susan R. Holmes
65 Pathway to Purpose, Six Principles for Personal Success Anthony T. Gitonga
66 People in Prayer: Portraits from the Bible John White
67 Pilgrim’s Progress James H. Thomas
68 Pocket Guide to the Old Testament Cyril Bridgland
69 Positive Kingdom Colin Urquhart
70 Praying for Guidance: How to Discover God’s Will Ron Kincaid
71 Praying in the Holy Spirit; Meditations on Prayer H. A. Ironside
72 Praying with the English Mystics Jenny Robertson
73 Preparing for Adolescence Dr. James Dobson
74 Preparing for Adolescence Dr. James Dobson
75 Promised Land Michele Guinness
76 Purpose Driven Church: Growing Without Compromising Your Message & Mission Rick Warren
77 Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren
78 Rabboni Which is to say, Master W. Phillip Keller
79 Reaching for the Goal: The life Story of David Adeney Caroylyn Armitage
80 Reasons for Faith Oliver R. Barclay
81 Reconcilable Differences: Hope Healing for Troubled Marriages Virginia Todd Holeman
82 Recovering the Christian Mind: Meeting the Challenge of Secularism Harry Blamires
83 Release from Despair: The Agnes Hancock Story James McClelland
84 Rescue Shop within a yard of hell: The story of BETEL Steward and Marie Dinnen
85 Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger Ronald J. Sider
86 Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert T. Kiyosaki
87 River in a Dry Land: A Story of Hope in an Urban Society Eddie Neale
88 Running from Reality: Is Christianity just another escape Michael Green
89 Secret of Contentment John N. N. Ng’ang’a
90 Shaking the Sleeping Beauty: Arousing the Church to its Mission Michael Griffiths
91 Shattered Mirror: Reflections on being Human John White
92 Sigi and I: Our Journey to Christians Behind the Iron Curtain Gwen Shaw
93 Sipping Saints David Wilkerson
94 Son – Ripened Fruit Moody Press
95 Song of Solomon: Love Poetry of the Spirit
96 Spirit – filled Church John Lancaster
97 Spirit Aflame: Luis Palau’s Mission to London Susan Holton & David L. Jones
98 Step Further Joni Eareckson & Steve Estes
99 Stepping Stones to Paradise Philip Willmot
100 Stories from Around the World Keith Danby
101 Stories from Around the World 2 Keith Danby
102 Strong -willed Child Dr. James Dobson
103 Susan’s Choice Taha SamalieNyanzi
104 Talking with God Fred and Grace Holland
105 Testament of Faith D. T. Niles
106 Tested by the Cross Wesley Carr
107 Universe next door James W.Sire
108 Voice in the City: Worship for Urban People Peter Hobson
109 What Shall I do, Now?: Questions teenagers ask, and Answers that work Nancy Njoki Kamau
110 When the mind is blind William Doyle
111 Whole Family of God Keswick Ministry
112 Why Bother With mission Stephen Gaukroger
113 Why do Christians Shoot their Wounded? Dwight L. Carlson, M. D.
114 Why Does God Allow War? D. Martyn Lloyd – Jones
115 Why Don’t I Get What I Pray For John W. Cowart
116 Woman of Praise Symprose G. Ngowe
117 Victorious Living for Youth Today Rev.Dr.Peter Njoroge Kariuki
118 Making Global Impact:Doing Missions God’s Way Sam.I.Are
119 The Man Behind The Millenium:JESUS The Bible Society of Kenya
120 Championing Towards Victory Homer Duncan
121 The Davinci Code:Quest For Answers Josh McDowell
122 Understanding True Love The Mailbox Club International
123 Amy Carmichael:Let The Little Children Come Lois Hoadley Dick
124 Shared Life:The Trinity and the Fellowship of God’s People Donald Macleod
125 We Would See Jesus Roy Hession
126 Time Valuation:Why You Shuold Not Waste Time Managing Time Joseph Obwanda
127 Conflict Management Rev.Dr.Elijah Mbogori
128 Faith For The Future Colin Urquhart
129 Prison To Praise Merlin R.Carothers
130 Daily Guide 2012 Scripture Union Of Kenya
131 Our Daily Bread 2012 RBC Ministries
132 How To Become Super-spiritual,or Kill Yourself Trying John Sterner
133 The King’s Business Godfrey Robinson&Stephen Winward
134 Heart After God:Running With David Luis Palau
135 How to Fast Successfully Derek Prince
136 Friendship John N. N.Ng’ang’a
137 Finding The Path:The Search for Spiritual Reality Roger Forster
138 Meeting the Saviour;The Glory of Jesus in The Gospel of John Derek Tidball
139 When Jesus Confronts The World:An Exposition of Matthew 5-7 D.A.Carson
140 The Reality Of The Kingdom Paul Rowntree Clifford
141 Becoming a Contagious Christian Mark Mitelberg et al
142 Confident In Christ Robert.N.Wilkin
143 The Secret of Contentment John N.N.Ng’ang’a
144 Parenting God’s Way Rev.Dr.Peter Njoroge Kariuki
145 Alcohol,Drug and Substance Abuse Policy Jkuat Ref:W1-2-2-5-1
146 My Bible Note Book:In Step With Jesus
147 Youth Bible Studies,Book 3 Joint Project for Sunday School Materials
148 Experiencing God:Knowing and Doing The Will of God Henry T.Blackaby&Claude V.King
149 Whispers from Heaven,Volume 1 Winnie Thuku-Craig
150 Your Personal Engourager;Biblical Help for Dealing with Difficult Times Selwyn Hughes
151 Success and the Christian:The Cost of Spiritual Maturity A.W.Tozer
152 Effective Kingdom living:A Prophetic Perspective P.M.Elisha
153 Balanced Lifestyle:A Guide for Happiness,Wellness and Productivity Mrs(Rev.Dr.)Bertha Esther Kaimenyi
154 The Highest life;Living With The Indwelling Lord Gene Edwards
155 Now & Forever:Reflections on the Later Years of Life Julia Burton-Jones
156 Pages From God’s Case-Book:Pharaoh,Nebuchardnezzar,Joseph John Hercus
157 You Are My God David Watson
158 Tell The Truth Will Metzger
159 More:How You Can Have More of The Spirit when you already have … Simon Ponsonby
160 Embracing Authority John A Kitchen
161 If You Want To Walk On Water,You’ve Got to Get Out of The Boat John Ortberg
162 Lust and the City Earnest Wamboya

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